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Hotpants, Cowgirls and Motorcycles...

...I am Monique Covet. As you have choosen to
enter my website, you have choosen to find out
more about one of europes best known porn

The definition of...

So much you do already know:

I am Monique Covet. I don't claim to be
the best, or the most well known porn
actress in History....BUT I am a LIVING LEGEND.
I continue the history of famous pornstars.
Pornstars like Cicciolina, Dolly Buster,
Helen Duval, Teresa Orlowski and so on...

There are lots of girls, that are showing up
in porn movies. Few of them become known
to a larger audience, earn them-
selves a name... Fewer of them become

Only a very selected number of female
pornstars become...

...A TRUE ICON - a legend

...a legend!

I am not bigger, better or more famous,
than any of the women I have mentioned
above. Each one of us is unique. We are
not just pornstars. We are even more than
pornqueens. WE ARE PORN. Without us,
porn is unthinkable. So enjoy the appearance
of a woman, that will continue the history of
what you all love.

Enjoy my website...


Monique Cove