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Me in "innocent" white lingerie ;-)

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Facts about me...

Born on the 14th of July 1976
Height: 170cm
Weight: 50 kg
Cupsize: DD
Birthplace: Budapest
Color of Hair: Blonde
Special Interest: Egyptian culture of the antiquity
...and I love pussycats and wildcats!

About me


I am Monique Covét, born on 14 July 1976 in Budapest, Hungary. I am a Hungarian pornographic actress and fetish model. From 1998 to 2001, I've came to prominence as the star of several features for the Private Media Group, mainly appearing in fetish-oriented films produced by the company's subsidiary Pirate label.
It sounds funny, but I started my career in the world of hardcore porn almost by accident. After arriving in Paris for what I believed was another series of routine modeling shoots, my agent there recommended me for a Private Media casting session where I met French hardcore director and actor, Pierre Woodman. They offered me a lead role right away as they said I had star quality. I am the kind of person who tries everything once. Everyone was so kind to me. I thought that if this is the situation, why not try it?

In 1995, I filmed my first sex scene with Frank Versace on a boat in Sydney Harbour (it is featured on the compilation Private Video Magazine 21). Between 1995 and 1998, I lived in Germany and worked under contract for the German-based company Helen Duval. "Helen Duval" the production company was originally set up between its namesake, Dutch porn star Helen Duval, and German producer Oliver Chezc. Things eventually went sour between star and producer, and Duval and Chezc parted ways in 1995. At this time, I became Duval's replacement and the company continued making movies labelled "Helen Duval". As a result, I briefly became known as "Helen Duval" even though I have never actually called myself that. I split with the company in 1998 and a third actress called Drew Berrymore took over the role of "Helen Duval" shortly after.

More "Monique" in the web...


In 1998, I was chosen as the featured star for the first movie of Private Media Group's Pirate Video Deluxe series Xtreme Desires; I appear in three of five scenes. After completing the film, I became the first female performer to sign an exclusive contract with Private.

Pirate Video Deluxe 1: Xtreme Desires also marked the first of my several notable collaborations with London-based hardcore fetish filmmaker Tanya Hyde, including Pirate Video Deluxe 5: Tanya Hyde's Twisted Dreams (1999), Pirate Video Deluxe 7: Tanya Hyde's London Calling (2000), Pirate Video Deluxe 10: Hell, Whores and High Heels (2000) and Pirate Video Deluxe 13: Tanya Hyde's Rubberfuckers Rule (2000).

After leaving Private in 2001, I retired for a year to devote myself to gymnastics, horses and obtaining a driver's license. In 2003 I signed a contract with Boss Films and appeared in my first movie for the company, Shining of Sex, that same year. By 2004, I had effectively retired from adult movies.

In recent years, she had been active running her own hardcore production company, the Monique Covét Group, and hosting weekly live sex shows at the Clan Restaurant in Budapest. I continue to make numerous public appearances where I meet with my fans from all over Europe and every now and then I perform in front of the camera again. Until now, these appearances include only short clips, and softcore Videos. But I'm looking forward to change this in the near future.